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China Green Tea - Organic

China Green Tea - Organic


Instigating from  Zhejiang Province, China, this classic green tea is our precious gift to all the health-conscious tea lovers.


Unlike everyday green tea that you come across, this unique Chinese tea has followed the Japanese sencha style in making, preserving some of the delicate flavors for your indulgence. The vibrant pale green brew imparts a grassy aroma while the brew presents really crisp and grassy flavor notes.


The tea is not only flavourful but comes packed with loads of health benefits, making another reason for you to love this beverage. The purity of the tea is further preserved by its organic make and Kosher certification. 


Ingredients: Organic Green Tea China, Zhejiang Province.


Brewing Instructions:


• Hot: Use one teaspoon per cup. Use freshly boiled water for steeping. Steep for 2-3 minutes at 180°F water temperature.


• Cold: Use one large tea bag for approx. 64 oz. of water and refrigerate the mix for 20-24 hours in a closed container.

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