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Taiwanese Black Tea - Bubble Tea Leaves

Taiwanese Black Tea - Bubble Tea Leaves


Explore the enchanting world of Taiwanese Black Tea - Bubble Tea Leaves, an exceptional blend suited to enhance your bubble tea mixtures with a hint of elegance and delicacy. Rich overtones of Cassia Tora seeds and a dash of vanilla powder complement the delicate aroma of powerful black tea leaves in this premium tea blend. Our Taiwanese Black Tea provides a unique sensory experience that may be enjoyed in a variety of forms, including Sweetened Black Iced Tea, Sugar-Free Black Iced Tea, Original Milk Iced Tea, and Hot Tea, regardless of your level of experience with this delectable beverage.


Whether you like your blend hot or cold, with milk or without, this blend's adaptability invites exploration. Every brewing technique shows various aspects of the tea's character, making it a flexible essential for the collection of every tea enthusiast. To prevent bitterness, remove the black tea leaves as soon as the tea is brewed. The tea must be put in an ice bath to cool which helps retain its flavor.



Black Tea Leaves, Cassia Tora Seeds, Vanilla Powder.


Brewing Instructions:

Hot: Add 1 tsp of Taiwanese black tea to 8 oz. of water and use freshly boiled water for steeping. Allow to steep for 3-5 minutes at 190°F water temperature.


Cold: Use 2 tsp of tea for approx. 8 oz. of fresh water and refrigerate the mix 20-24 hours or overnight in a closed container.


Bubble Tea: To get the most flavor out of true bubble tea, boil the tea hot and then quickly cool it in an ice bath to preserve the subtle notes. Don't forget to use brown sugar for sweetening for a flavourful, classic finish.



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