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Our Story


A journey that was not stopped by a global pandemic…. 

The journey of the Tuk Tea Company, LLC began nearly 7 years ago with the mission of bringing quality iced and hot tea to the streets of Buffalo, New York by way of our emission-free electric E Tuk “Camellia”. When the previous owners moved and were not able to operate the E Tuk, I saw an opportunity to continue their vision and Camellia found a new home in Portland, Oregon. It has been a journey full of memories and sweet smiles, and we were thrilled by your happy faces every day. 

Like the way it affected the entire globe, COVID-19 impacted our cherished journey and for the safety of our beloved consumers, we did not operate our tea truck. However, a pandemic didn’t stop our passion for tea, especially our love for sparkly and zesty cold-brewed teas! Thus, began Tuk Tea’s online tea store, enabling you to search and find our mouthwatering teas, right at your fingertips. 

Explore through our organic and Kosher certified collection of tea, for a whole new and delicious cold-brewed tea experience. Each of these teas has been designed and packed to assist cold brewing and check out our guideline for cold brewing of tea for more information. As we did before, we have kept our standards high when sourcing and packing these delicious herbal infusions and be creative as much as you want when making these teas.


As we move into a new year, we are excited to announce that we will be operating “Camellia” once again. Look for her around Portland, Oregon at community events such as the Happy Valley Famers Market.

You can enjoy our flavorful teas and herbal infusions at the comfort of your home by ordering our teas online. If you see us around town, stop by say hi and try our delicious cold brewed teas!

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