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Strawberry Lemon Tisane

Strawberry Lemon Tisane


With our Strawberry Lemon Tea, prepare yourself for an explosion of summertime happiness on your palate! Whisper with ecstasy as succulent strawberry chunks and tart lemon peels combine to create a wonderful herbal infusion that perfectly captures the flavor of a cool summertime treat. The combination of juicy berries and zesty citrus in our Strawberry Lemonade herbal tea creates a wonderful symphony of tastes that is both invigorating and vibrant.


Crafted specifically for warm, bright days, this blend is caffeine-free and light in the body. Imagine enjoying this enchanted concoction as an iced tea, with each sip providing a refreshing escape from the heat. Strawberries and lemon work in perfect harmony to create a delectable treat that will excite your taste buds and keep you hydrated in the most delicious way.


Ingredients: Apple Pieces, Lemon, Rose Hips, Lemon Grass, Hibiscus, Natural Strawberry Flavor, Strawberries & Natural Lemon Flavor.


Brewing instructions:


Hot: Add 1.5 tsp of strawberry lemon tea to 8 oz. of water and use freshly boiled water for steeping. Allow to steep for 5-7 minutes at 208°F water temperature.


 Cold: Use 3 tsp of tea for approx. 8 oz. of fresh water and refrigerate the mix for 18-24 hours or overnight in a closed container.

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