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Jumbo Empty Tea Bags

Jumbo Empty Tea Bags


Great for Iced Tea

Size: 4″x 4″ (100 x 100mm)

Our jumbo sized empty tea bags are an economical and fun way to share any formulas you create, just fill and seal. These tea bags are great for Iced Tea! Super Sized Empty Tea bags can be provided for use with loose whole leaf tea to give tea lovers the high quality experience of whole leaf tea without the bother of cleaning up the mess later. They are perfect for making 2 quarts of your favorite Tuk Tea. These jumbo tea bags come sealed at the back and bottom. These tea bags can be filled and sealed manually.

Made in the USA. This oxygen bleached paper is produced by a company respected throughout the world for their quality paper made under very tight scrutiny and controls. The paper is designed to offer excellent infusion while guaranteeing high quality particle retention. Heat seal with an iron on cotton setting.

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