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Cheer aka Holiday Cheer - Organic

Cheer aka Holiday Cheer - Organic


Spicy and refreshing like a roaring holiday cheer, this tea will lift any tiresome mood in an instant.


This tropically inspired brew combines warming spices with zesty orange peel, mint, and a few other exotic ingredients in perfect harmony. It is a pure and organic tea from Tuk Tea’s latest collection, with a spicy and zesty flavor personality, followed by a fruity aroma and a minty finish.


This organic and caffeine-free fusion results in a soothing concoction when brewed hot, while the cold-brewed version is truly revitalizing. Think no more to add this to your regular tea collection!


Ingredients: Black Pepper (Organic), Cardamom (Organic), Cinnamon (Organic), Clove (Organic), Ginger (Organic), Licorice Root (Organic), Orange Peel (Organic), Peppermint (Organic), Spearmint (Organic).


Brewing Instructions:


Hot: Use one teaspoon per cup. Use freshly boiled water for steeping. Steep for 5-7 minutes at 208°F water temperature.


Cold: Use one large tea bag for approx. 64 oz. of water and refrigerate the mix for 10-12 hours in a closed container.

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