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White Peach - Organic

White Peach - Organic


Missing those late spring days where you get the sweet aroma of blooming flowers and striking fruits?


Here is what we have crafted to take you back to those memorable days. White Peach from Tuk Tea is a delicate mellow white tea drink made by fusing tropical elements like peaches and apples.


The tea results in a lingering flavor with a crisp fruity finish surrounded by prominent peach notes. The pink-hued tea makes a colorful addition to your tea table throughout the day, and the mellow brew can be turned into a refreshing beverage when iced.


An Organic and Kosher certified white tea delight you must enjoy!


Ingredients: China White Tea, Peach, Hibiscus, Apple, Rose Hips, Roasted Chicory Root, Licorice Root, Natural Peach Flavor.


Brewing Instructions:


• Hot: Use one teabag per cup. Use freshly boiled water for steeping. Steep for 2-3 minutes at 180°F water temperature.


• Cold: Use one large tea bag for approx. 64 oz. of water and refrigerate the mix for 20-24 hours in a closed container.

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