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Sour Apple Tisane

Sour Apple Tisane


Enjoy the vibrant and energetic fusion of tastes with our Sour Apple Tisane. With a mouthwatering combination of fresh apple slices, hibiscus flowers, and rose hips, this colorful infusion is a celebration of the apple in all its beauty. Get ready for a juicy, slightly tart delight that perfectly embodies the flavor of a crisp, cool sour apple.


With an amazing combination of natural sweetness and a cool tanginess, this tisane is a delightful sensory treat. The infusion's visual appeal is enhanced by the vivid hue added by the hibiscus flowers, and its powerful and realistic apple flavor is achieved by the harmonious combination of apple chunks and natural apple flavoring. The sharpness of the sour apple flavors takes its place as soon as you take a sip, offering an unforgettable and energizing experience.


This tisane's versatility is one of its best qualities. Because it has no additional sweeteners and is naturally caffeine-free you may enjoy it all day long. A must-have for those who desire the wonderful tang of sour apples, the Sour Apple Tisane promises a journey of powerful and invigorating tastes, whether savored hot or over ice.


Ingredients: Rose Hips, Hibiscus, Apple Pieces & Natural Apple Flavor.


Brewing Instructions:


Hot: Add 1 tsp of sour apple tisane to 8 oz. of water and use freshly boiled water for steeping. Allow to steep for 3-5 minutes at 212°F water temperature.


Cold: Use 2 tsp of tea for approx. 8 oz. of fresh water and refrigerate the mix for 18-24 hours or overnight in a closed container.

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