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Just Peachy - Organic

Just Peachy - Organic


Just like sipping a beam of sunshine, this shinny yellow juice resembles the extract of ripe peach, picked freshly during summer-time.


Our Just Peachy tea is such a luscious and golden blend that combines delicious peaches, apples, and many other fruity and herbal ingredients.


Slightly pink-hued brew carries prominent peach flavor notes surrounded by mild tart character and a pleasant fruity aroma. The naturally caffeine-free blend is delicious when brewed hot, while the chilled version creates a zingy and fresh drink to wave off the heat of a sunny day. An Organic and Kosher certified tea sourced responsibly in its finest form. 


Ingredients: Peach, Hibiscus, Apple, Rosehips, Roasted Chicory Root, Licorice Root, Natural Peach Flavor. 


Brewing Instructions:


• Hot: Use one teaspoon per cup. Use freshly boiled water for steeping. Steep for 3-5 minutes at 208°F water temperature.


• Cold: Use one large tea bag for approx. 64 oz. of water and refrigerate the mix for 10-12 hours in a closed container.


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