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Island Green - Organic

Island Green - Organic


Dreaming of a subtle island breeze while the sun goes down? Well, dream no more! Tuk Tea’s Island green is a tea that imparts a heavenly feel as you slowly sip it at the end of the day.


Fused together with mellow and grassy Chinese tea, juicy pineapple, and papaya, the tea represents prominent fruity flavor notes with a mellow fruity aroma.


A perfect tea to enjoy hot as you wind up the day, and the chilled tea will not let you down when you seek a delicious thirst quencher!. An Organic and Kosher certified blend with a unique healthy edge. 


Ingredients: Organic China Green Tea, Cornflower, Papaya, Papaya Flavoring (artificial), Pineapple, Pineapple Flavoring (natural and artificial).


Brewing Instructions:


• Hot: Use one teabag per cup. Use freshly boiled water for steeping. Steep for 2-3 minutes at 180°F water temperature.


• Cold: Use one large tea bag for approx. 64 oz. of water and refrigerate the mix for 20-24 hours in a closed container.

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