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Tea Trends For 2022-All You Need To Know About

The prevailing trends of the tea market are developing and begin to flourish in the present-day world. There are a lot of historical transformations that occurred in tea industries across the area in the last ten years. The trends and patterns of the industries have gone through successive and drastic variations in these times due to the widespread technological advancement. It not only changed the dynamics of the industrial landscape but resulted in various transformations in the tea industry. As we have entered 2022, we need to hypothesize on various trends that are supposed to direct the tea industry.

This article features different trends that all people need to know while working in the tea business and for tea consumers in 2022.

Tea Re-Imagined

There has been a significant improvement in interest for quality teas including herbal teas, black tea especially Darjeeling, Assam, and Nilgiris which are popular among most people to consume as healthy beverages.

There is a continuous increase in demand for healthy foods and drinks with restorative properties. It is because the customer tests more with natural ingredients like ginseng and turmeric, and Match and Green tea to enjoy their health benefits.

Adaptogens And Tea

People are now more likely to add the complex blends of herbs and spices to their teas like turmeric, ginger, ginseng and chamomile. These herbs help improve their memory, sleep quality, mental clarity, cognition and mood.

Well, all the herbs and spices do a great help to improve overall health and wellbeing but addition of some herbs like adaptogens have some additional benefits. These adaptogenic herbs have become a trend in 2022 to add in daily routine to reap maximum benefits.

Tea cocktails And Mocktails

Tea based beverages have become a staple in bars around the world, as a very few people consume alcohol at night. Simple tea blends come with a huge variety of choices when it is related to preparing with non-alcoholic drinks. Teas are known to make a great base ingredient to add in your cocktails. Mocktails are beverages which do not contain alcohol and the

blend is made by the combination of sodas, juices, teas, herbs and syrups which result in unique flavor and taste. Cocktails and mocktails are increasing in tea trends for 2022 and its demand is expected to rise in the future.

According to Nielsen Premium Panel Data, there is a significant increase of 171% in advancement of these cocktails in 2022, showing no indications of dialing back.

Plant Based Milk Cross Over from Coffee

Consumption of plant-based milk in teas as replacement to milk has become a trend in tea preparation. It is believed that plant-based milk provides more flavor to tea compared to regular milk. Plant based milk used in teas include almond milk, coconut, soy, oats and various other milks.

Bubble Tea

Bubble tea also known as boba tea is a plant-based beverage that comes in various colors and served with a large straw. Boba tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s, in which a blend of hot and cold tea serves as a base with addition of natural ingredients like fresh fruits, fruits juices and milk. Tapioca pearls are added before the addition of bubbles, they usually sit at the base. Bubble tea has become a trending beverage in the present days among young people.

Ready To Drink Teas

Ready to drink teas are achieving a steadily increasing portion of the ready to use beverage market and are consumed as alternatives to canned and packaged soft drinks. At present, dark and green tea blends are becoming more popular beverages and are kicking off to show up and will come to prominence.


Smoothie is a perfect refreshing beverage used in breakfast, afternoon or as a dessert. Tea is a flavorful beverage to add in a variety of smoothies like black tea smoothie, green tea, herbal tea, or with freshly brewed teas and good quality tea powders. People tend to make the back tea smoothie with yogurt, milk, banana and black tea. Well, a trend of adding various types of teas is becoming more popular because of its refreshing taste and additional benefits.

Ingredient In Savory Dishes

Teas like loose leaf or packaged tea are being used in a variety of savory dishes to provide flavor to these dishes and baked items. The pattern of adding the loose leaves to cooking and baking items is increasingly popular.

Premium And Novelty Teas

Nowadays, people want to pick everything extravagant, and this turned the high quality and novelty tea into a favored choice. Teas are now picking up steam as a well-known giving choice in 2022. Premium loose-leaf teas, customized tea blends, high quality tea bundles, great gift ideas, tea cocktails, smoothies and trends of giving tea will become a prominent presence in future.

In order to adjust to the changing trend, the tea industry like other industries is flourishing day by day. Just like having some knowledge about the market is essential for selling, knowing and comprehending about changing patterns and flavor of tea directing the tea market is a good deal for tea merchants.

Sophistication Is Making Up for Lost Time

Tea has developed from being a basic staple in the present day. This is the reason it is basically converted into a market, is that individuals are searching for more refined options. To provide extra flavor and delicacy to the regular tea, various brewing techniques and preparation strategies are being looked at these days. These trends will be in high demand in coming years and premium quality tea bags would be in normal appeal across 2022 and future years.

High End Teas/Value Addition

In addition to being used for relaxation purposes, tea has also become fancier. Well, nowadays, the interest for branded label tea in very much put and extravagant packaging is climbing. Tea merchants are investing their energy and money in advertising their tea brands, making the tea available for online shopping and smoothening the purchasing process. However, the process of increasing value to tea bags, their regular consumption and improving the quality of tea is additionally advancing.

Fusion Flavors

There is an immense expansion in the choices of individuals with fast globalization. The availability of bountiful choices helped the tea producers to come with new flavors in the market. Local flavors are gathering significant considerations and requests from clients. For instance, flavors like saffron, green mango and others, which most Indians like are even expected to perform shockingly better in future.

Useful teas are considered to have therapeutic properties and help relaxation and calm the mind. There is an increased demand for functional teas like Cordyceps tea, which is packed with healthful properties.

Bottom Line

With increased globalization, there is an increased demand for flavor and choices for teas. To meet the increasing demands of flavors and tea quality, tea producers are investing a lot of energy to provide a premium loose tea, make it accessible for easy purchasing and provide a number of options to analyze different flavors.


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