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Celebrate National Iced Tea Month-Unveil Different Ways to Brew Iced Tea

Updated: Jul 10

Variety of Iced Teas

Nothing can beat the scorching heat of a summer day like a glass of revitalizing iced tea. Whether you choose creamy iced tea with notes of vanilla or crave tangy lemon, iced tea offers the canvas for flavor exploration. Using tea leaves to brew iced tea simplifies the process and opens a world of customization and flavor possibilities.

Iced tea is an invigorating beverage ideal for hot summer days. It’s easy to prepare and can be customized to suit your preferences. Regardless of your choice of classic black tea, fruity green tea, or refreshing herbal tea, the process of brewing iced tea is simple. There are different methods of brewing iced tea such as classic hot brew, cold brew, and sun-soaked sun tea method.

What is Iced Tea?

Iced tea is simple brewed tea that has been cooled and served over ice. It may be brewed from any type of tea, including black, green, fruity, or herbal teas. Iced teas can be enjoyed both sweetened and unsweetened, enhanced with fruit or herb flavors, or combined with other beverages such as lemonade.

Choose the Right Tea

Loose Leaf Tea

The selection of the right tea is the first and most important step in brewing iced tea. Choose high-quality tea, like for brewing a hot cup of tea, as they work best and result in a refreshing cup of tea. Both loose tea leaves and tea bags can be used for brewing iced tea.

For a classic and strong iced tea, black teas such as Assam tea, China black tea, and Ceylon Black Tea are excellent options. For more lighter and refreshing iced teas, strawberry lemon tisane, cool watermelon, vanilla rooibos chai, and Serene Peach Teas are ideal choices. The summer sangria, Kona Pineapple, and lemon lavender are among the best teas to choose from hot summer.

Black tea contains some quantities of caffeine and is used as a base in several iced teas. It’s best to enjoy the iced tea as a revitalizing boost in the afternoon or to take a start to the day. Alternatively, herbal tea blends can be used for a delightful experience.

The Hot Brew Method

Hot Brew Iced Tea

The hot brew method is the fastest and easiest way to prepare iced tea. It includes steeping the tea leaves in hot water and then cooling the brewed tea by pouring ice over it. The hot brew method is ideal for black and green tea, which can withstand high temperatures without causing bitterness.

  • Boil water. Use two teaspoons of loose-leaf tea per cup of water, which is double the amount needed for a regular serving. This method creates a concentrate that, when diluted with ice and cold water, results in a beverage with a rich, robust flavor.

  • Steep the tea in the hot water for the recommended time and temperature, typically between 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the type of tea.

  • White Teas – 2 minutes at 175°F-185°F. Green Teas – 2 to 3 minutes at 175°F-185°F. Black Teas – 2 to 3 minutes at 200°F-212°F. Oolong Teas – 3 minutes at 195°F-200°F

  • Strain the tea to remove the loose leaves.

  • Add an equal amount of cold water to the hot tea to cool it down.

  • Serve the iced tea over ice immediately or refrigerate it until ready to drink.

The Cold Brew Method

Cold Brewed Iced Tea

The cold brew method is another way to brew tea which involves steeping the tea in water for an extended period, usually 20-24 hours. The brew results in a smooth tea with a distinctive flavor profile. It’s advised not to use cold water to develop flavor, as it may contain chemicals that can alter the flavor. Instead, try to use freshwater or spring water for the best flavored iced tea.

●       Add tea leaves and fresh water in a pitcher, using about 2 teaspoons of tea leaves per cup of water.

●       Cover the picture properly and keep it in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours.

●       Strain the tea and remove the tea leaves.

●       Serve the tea by pouring it over ice, sweeten the tea as per your preferences, and enjoy the delicious cup of cold iced tea.

Sun Brew Tea Method

Sun Brew Iced Tea

Sun brew tea is a more interesting and natural way to brew iced tea on hot summer days. It holds a special place in the hearts of many tea enthusiasts for being the quintessential method for brewing iced tea. The process carries a nostalgic charm, reminding me of the memories of summer past. Steeping tea under the sun serves as an iconic symbol of the season.

It holds a flavor that is comparable to other brewing techniques, delivering the same comforting flavors that make the iced tea a beloved summer staple.

The Sun brew method involves steeping the tea in water and allowing it to sit in the sun to brew. Although the method takes longer to steep than others, it results in a distinctive flavor that makes the wait worthwhile.

●       Combine tea and water in a clear glass jar by adding 2 teaspoons of leaf tea per cup of water.

●       Cover the jar and keep it in a sunny spot for at least 3-4 hours.

●       Strain the tea and remove the tea leaves.

●       Serve the sun tea over ice by adding sweetener or lemon to enhance the flavor profile.

Flavors to enhance the Iced Tea

Flavors to enhance iced tea

Once the iced tea is prepared, it can be enjoyed either plain or with additional flavors. Sweeteners including sugar, honey, or syrup can be employed to fit your preferences. Fresh fruits like berries, lemon, and peaches add an extra refreshing twist to the tea. For an aromatic touch to the tea, consider adding some herbs such as mint, basil, cinnamon, ginger, or a splash of fruit juice to the tea.

How to Store Brewed Iced Tea?

Regardless of the brewing method, iced tea can be prone to bacterial growth. There are several guides to ensure the freshness of teas.

●       If there is a thick, syrupy appearance, or has an off smell, they indicate the signs of bacterial contamination.

●       Although brewing large quantities of iced tea for the fridge seems convenient, it’s better to brew smaller amounts more frequently, which can last a few days.

●       Store the tea in a sealed container or glass jar with lids to prevent it from absorbing other food flavors.

●       Always keep iced tea chilled and do not leave it at room temperature. The addition of sweeteners or fruits reduces the tea’s shelf life and encourages bacterial growth. It is suggested to add sweeteners or flavors to the individual glasses that could be consumed within a day.

Bottom line

Brewing iced tea is the easiest and quicker way to enjoy the customized tea that pleases your taste. From speedy hot brew tea to leisurely cold brew and the interesting traditional sun tea, there’s a style to suit every palate. The addition of flavors to a glass of iced tea adds an extra twist to a revitalizing glass of iced tea.

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