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Fun Facts About National Hot Tea Month

This month has been chilly for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere! A warm cup of tea and a cozy blanket are ideal throughout the month of January. The first month of the year January is National Hot Tea Month in the US.

Tea ranks as the second-most popular beverage around the globe. Over a thousand flavors of tea exist. For hundreds of years, hot tea has affected the culinary traditions of various nations. Even the customs of many nations and how tea should be served are influenced by the beverage.

National Hot Tea Month is best observed with a cup, whether you follow the Chinese or English brewing customs or merely microwave your tea.

What is National Hot Tea Month?

National Hot Tea Month serves as a gentle reminder that a long bath, some lighted candles, and copious amounts of hot tea are the finest ways to get through the snowy January days. Enjoy your tea as much as you like this month as a favor to yourself!

Any time of day is a good time for a steaming cup of tea, especially during the chilly winter months. Tea is fantastic, whether it's used as an alternative to coffee with the long heritage of Irish Breakfast tea or as a tranquil conclusion to the day, calming your nerves with Chamomile and Lavender. You can enjoy it the way Americans do by adding sugar and lemon, or perhaps a little honey. Or, for a truly European experience, you can add milk or creamer. Whatever you choose to do, National Hot Tea Month is a great opportunity to celebrate this delectable brew that can warm both your body and heart.

We're going to take a look back at all of the most popular tea-related pieces today. Make a cup of your favorite hot beverage, settle into your favorite chair, and get started!

History of Hot Tea Month

Tea originated from the country of China and has been enjoyed for thousands of years. From there, it surged in popularity and eventually overtook coffee as one of the most significant drinks around the globe. Tea became a beverage of choice for individuals who needed a pick-me-up in the morning. Tea is a symbol of elegance that is now inseparably linked to what it meant to be British, tea has all but reinvented British culture.

How to Enjoy Hot Tea Month?

It is easy to celebrate Hot Tea Month by making a cup of your favorite tea and unwinding while you sip it. There is a wide variety of teas available and different types are harvested at various times. Teas are sometimes blended to produce an enticing and distinct flavor and taste. There are various ways to enjoy National Hot Tea Month.

Share Hot Tea with Your Loved Ones

Taking tea with people you love is an ideal way to keep yourself connected to them. There is nothing more exciting than to sit around the teapot and gossip. You can celebrate hot tea month by sharing your favorite tea with your friends and family members.

Try a New Tea this Month

With time, our preferences change, and tea is no exception. Go for new flavors from online or stores available in your community. Trying new tea will introduce you to a diverse taste and flavor that you have never tried.

Enjoy Learning Tea History and Culture

Different areas of the world are rich in tea culture and there is always something new to learn about tea. Japanese tea ceremony, Chinese tea brewing methods, and types of milk tea all provide some information about the culture revolving around tea.

Relax with a Cup of Tea

A cup of freshly made tea is a source of comfort and relaxation itself. Perhaps you require a moment of reflection throughout the day or a cup of tea to help you unwind at night. Tea really does have that much power!

Why do People Love to Celebrate National Hot Tea Month?

National Hot Tea Month is a chilly month at the start of the year and needs a hot cup of tea or coffee to enjoy. People love to spend their mornings and evenings sipping a hot cup of tea or coffee to avoid cold.

Variety of Flavors to Choose

Teas offer different flavors and tastes, making them a popular beverage to enjoy. Depending on the type of day or interest, tea can be selected. For instance, if there is a hot day, people can enjoy sweet, iced tea while on a chilly day, they prefer to enjoy hot spicy tea with intense flavor. The flavor of tea varies according to region and method of processing.

For example, white tea is the least processed, and black tea is highly oxidized presenting a completely different flavor than its counter white tea. Green tea obtained from the same tea plant is the most popular tea with a minimum caffeine content. Herbal teas, on the other hand, do not contain caffeine at all and possess delicate flavors. Thus, you have a variety of different teas to choose from according to your interest.

Packed with Medicinal Benefits

Hot teas are rich in antioxidants and other bioactive compounds associated with potential benefits. Brewed teas have been used as an effective remedy to treat various illnesses including fever, high blood pressure, stress, and anxiety. Moreover, if you feel under the weather, tea can be a great option to relieve nasty colds and flu.

What is Tea Times?

● Tea is more than a hydrating beverage and can be enjoyed any time of the day. It is suggested to start your day with white tea as it is gentle to the stomach and is the least processed.

● At 10 or 11 in the morning, try green tea as it gives a boost to your metabolism and possesses a light and uplifting flavor.

Black tea is often recommended at lunch times because of its wide availability, and it goes well with food.

● Herbal teas are the best teas to take in the evening because they do not contain caffeine and do not disturb sleep. The best herbal teas to enjoy in the evening are chamomile, valerian, lavender, lemon balm, and passionflower tea. These herbal teas will relax your mind and help you get a peaceful good night’s sleep.

Bottom Line

New beginnings, health, and the home are all important in January. It is also National Hot Tea Month, which is not a coincidence. Discover some fantastic ways to celebrate Hot Tea Month, whether you are sipping to fresh starts, good health, or domestic harmony. Brew your favorite tea and enjoy sipping it with people you love.

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