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How Do I Brew My Loose-Leaf Tea?

How to Brew Tea?

Everybody probably knows about how to brew tea, but it is a simple thing. The answer can be Yes. You can simply heat a mug of water, add a tea bag to hot water and enjoy your day. You can also brew your tea from loose leaves resulting in a perfect cup of tea. If you want to brew your tea the right way, stick to our guide on how to brew tea in different ways.

There are official specifications of the Government of Great Britain on “how to brew tea” but we are not strict on specifications as we believe that tea should be brewed as per your taste.

We aim to provide you with a step-by-step guide to brewing your tea. All you need is loose leaf tea or tea bags and water. You need to adjust the type of tea, quantity, water temperature, and steeping time. Tea can be brewed hot or cold to enjoy the flavor of the tea.

Hot Brewing

It is the simplest and super easy method to brew your tea at home with minimum effort and you enjoy a delicious cup of tea. The hot brew is made either from loose leaves or pre-packaged tea bags both have their preferences.

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

Loose leaf tea is probably the wisest and best way to make your favorite tea. They have large space in teapots resulting in more flavorful tea. Moreover, leaves retain their oils and flavors which can be enjoyed. Here are the following steps involved in hot brewing tea.

1. Choose your Tea

The first step in brewing tea is to choose a pure high-quality loose-leaf tea. Some of the teas on market are adulterated with dust and fillers which result in a bitter cup of tea. Always choose a good quality tea that on brewing yields a perfect cup of tea. You can also use a blend with different teas added in it resulting in a unique and delicate flavor.

2. Decide Tea Ratios

After choosing the tea, measure the ratio of tea per cup of water. Just start with 2 teaspoons of tea (5g) per 1.5 cups (400ml) of water. You can play with quantities according to taste and required strength.

3. Heat the Water

Heat your water to the required temperature for each type of tea. Always use fresh water which will yield more flavorful tea. The water temperature for different tea is

● Black and Pu-Erh tea: 212 degrees Fahrenheit

● Green and White tea: 175-180 degrees Fahrenheit

● Oolong tea: 195 degrees Fahrenheit

● Herbal teas: 212 degrees Fahrenheit

If you don’t have a thermometer, there are temperature estimations including

● Bubbles on the bottom of the pot: 180 degrees F

● Bubbles begin to rise: 195 degrees F

● Full rolling bubbles: 212 degrees F

4. Steep the Tea

Pour hot water into the teapot containing tea and let it steep for 2-5 minutes. You can also use a tea infuser which is the best way to prevent leaves from floating and remove the need for straining the tea. More steeping time results in a bitter cup of tea. Steeping time may vary according to the type of tea like

● Green and White tea: 2-3 minutes

● Black and Pu-erh tea: 5 minutes

● Oolong: 4 minutes

● Herbal teas/fruits/tisanes: 5 minutes

5. Add Sugar and Enjoy

Strain the tea in a teacup and add some sugar, honey, or lemon juice to flavor the tea and fade its bitterness. In case of tea bags, take tea bag in the cup and pour hot water on it. Allow it to steep for the required time, remove the tea bag and enjoy the hot cup of flavorful tea. It is an easy and ideal way to brew tea in the office or workplace.

Cold Brewing

Cold brew is the best method to enjoy the tea and cool off in warmer months. It is an ideal way to stay cool even with your favorite cup of tea. Cold brewing is a gentle and easier process to steep your favorite tea in fresh water. It is a fun way to infuse the tea in cold or fresh water resulting in a sweeter and less astringent taste than hot brewed tea.

Why Cold Brew Tea?

Cold brewing tea is a summertime staple with an amazing flavor profile. It is very simple to make requiring adding tea leaves in cold water and keeping them in the refrigerator or sun for hours. Instead of a hot brew in which tannins are released and taste bitter, cold brew tea results in the extraction of smoother and more complex flavors.

Different Ways to Cold Brew Tea

Cold brewing is the easiest method to brew your tea with tea leaves and water. You can simply add your tea to a glass jar or pitcher and allow it to infuse or can prepare cold iced tea.

● For cold brew, take 2-3 teaspoon of loose-leaf tea or 1 jumbo teabag in the pitcher and add fresh water. Cover the pitcher and allow to infuse the tea in the refrigerator for 20-24 hours. After infusing, strain the tea through a fine mesh sieve or remove your teabag. You can add lemon juice, honey or mint leaves to add flavor to the tea and enjoy. Brewed tea can be stored for 2-3 days in the refrigerator.

● You can also brew tea using a glass jar. Add water and loose tea leaves or jumbo tea bags to the glass jar, cover the jar with a lid, and place in the refrigerator for 20-24 hours.

● Another way to cold brew tea is to place the tea pitcher (with loose leaves and water) in sun for 9-10 hours. After the steeping time is up, keep in the refrigerator and enjoy the tea with a ting of lemon or sweetener.

● One of the commercial methods to make cold tea is to brew it through a tea dispenser. The tea dispenser is an automatic tea maker with a BPA-free lid and ice holder.

To brew tea, add tea leaves or jumbo sachet tea to the tea dispenser and cover the lid. Pour 8 glasses of cold water into the glass container. Keep the tea-filled tea dispenser in a glass tea maker with water. Remove metal cover and tea dispenser with tea bags. Place the dispenser with lid in cold brew tea and serve the tea with or without ice.

● You can also cold brew tea with a flash chill tea maker with built-in infusers. Add loose leaf tea or tea bags to the infuser, pour hot water into the jar and allow to infuse. Remove the tea infuser and place the tea in the refrigerator.

● Another easy way to cold brew tea is to add loose leaf tea in jumbo tea bags. Seal the tea bags with heat, place them in a glass jar, add water and keep them in the refrigerator to steep for 20-24 hours. Remove tea bags and enjoy the tea after adding some sweeteners.

● Cold iced tea is another method when you need to cold brew on short notice. Add loose leaf tea to the teapot, pour hot water and let it steep for 3-5 minutes. Strain the tea and add ice to cool the tea. Enjoy tea after adding some sweeteners or lemon juice.


As water is the foundation of each beverage, it is suggested to use good quality fresh water for better taste and flavor. In case of re-steeping, steep the leaves for one more minute, it will take a long time to release the flavor.

Bottom line

Teas are the most enjoyed beverages to warm you up in cold winter and cool you down in hot summers. Teas can be brewed either hot or cold resulting in varying flavor and strength. You can use pitchers, Mason jars, tea infusers, or automatic tea dispensers to cold brew tea.

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