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Cold-Brew Tea - History, Origins and it's surprising Health Benefits

Updated: May 20, 2021

Cold-Brew Tea – History, Origin and its Surprising Health Benefits

Cold-brew tea is a supernatural phenomenon. The tea offers a delicious taste even when you drink it cold. It is much smoother and contains a subsequent amount of caffeine, giving a signature taste to this tea. In short, cold brew tea has a class of its own.

Do you know what cold brew tea is? Are you aware of the origins, history, and health benefits associated with cold brew tea? Probably not. Worry no more. Here in this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about cold brew tea. So, grab a cup of your favorite tea and start reading this post and continue reading until the end to discover all helpful information related to cold brew tea.

Let's start the discussion by discovering what cold brew tea is?

What is Cold Brew Tea?

Many people believe that cold brew tea is the same beverage like iced tea. This claim is not valid. If you are aware of the cold coffee brewing process, you might know about cold tea because both of them are more or less similar to each other. The only difference is that you use tea instead of coffee while brewing cold tea.

While making iced tea, you hot brew it and then add ice to cool it down. Although the tea manufactured through this process offers a delicious taste, still cold brew tea is different.

While making cold brew tea, tea leaves are steeped in cold or room temperature water for a longer period. The cold brew process focuses more on time instead of temperature to produce the tea's signature profile.

Why Cold Brewed Tea Gained Popularity?

Cold-brew tea has gained significant popularity owing to its taste and unmatched flavor profile. It offers a smooth and elegant taste because of the longer brewing process. When the tea is brewed using cold water instead of hot, it provides a different chemical balance, resulting in less bitterness, caffeine, and tannins.

The cold-brewed tea is much less astringent and less caffeinated because of its process. Don't get surprised regarding how much sweeter the cold-brewed tea is just on the first sip.

History of Cold-Brew Tea

Most of you might have heard about cold brew coffee, but very few know that cold brew tea is much superior to cold brew coffee. Cold-brew tea is a practice that existed way before the birth of cold brew coffee.

Many people believe that cold-brew is a new technique in the tea world, but the truth is that the brewing technique originated back in the 1600s.

The art of cold brewing tea originates in Japan. Japanese discovered this delicious tea when they soaked tea leaves in the cool river water and allowed them to brew for an extended period. Japanese believed that hot brewing methods burn the tea and destroy all the natural benefits associated with it.

Historians claim that the Japanese learned the cold-brewing technique from the Dutch traders who used cold brewing methodologies on trade ships. However, certain evidence suggests that the people in Kyoto were cold-steeping for quite a long time.

It is narrated that the Dutch traders brewed coffee and tea that could be stored for longer durations on their ships.

Benefits of Cold Brew Tea

Cold brewing is regarded as an excellent brewing method because of the great taste it offers and the unique health benefits associated with this technique. The following are some of the benefits of cold-brewed teas.

1. Rich in Antioxidants and Other Helpful Compounds

Apart from having half the amount of caffeine, cold-brewing teas are known to carry more antioxidants than hot-brewed teas. Furthermore, steeping tea in cooler temperatures for about 12 hours extracts higher phytochemicals, including flavonoids, catechins, and other naturally occurring chemicals.

2. Has a Distinct Flavor Profile

There is no doubt that cold-brewed tea offers a much sweeter and flavorful taste than traditional brewing teas. There is no heat involvement in the cold brewing process which means the prepared tea contains less caffeine and is less bitter. Instead, it offers a smoother and delicious taste.

3. Contains Minimal Sugar

The best way to limit your sugar intake is by shifting to cold brew tea. There is no need to add sugar to this beverage. This drink is incredibly rich in antioxidants and surprisingly sweet, starting from the first sip until the last one.

The drinker might think that there is already sugar added to it. However, it does not contain any added sugar; instead, it's all-natural.

4. Reduces the Risk of Chronic Diseases

Drinking tea, in general, is beneficial for your overall health. It positively affects your overall health and significantly reduces the risk of developing certain harmful diseases. Studies claim that there is more vitamin C in cold brew teas when compared with other teas, which indicates that the tea is best for strengthening your immune system. Furthermore, cold brew tea is also rich in vitamin D and B, which function to strengthen your bones and increase metabolism.

Final Words

Cold-brew tea is an ancient technique of brewing a delicious cup of tea. It is loved by people all over the world. The tea made through this method offers a delightful taste and offers plenty of health benefits.

We recommend you adding this delicious tea to your daily routine to leverage its unique health benefits. Skip the habit of pouring hot tea over ice and beat the summer heat with a perfectly brewed cup of cold-brewed tea.

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