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Best Teas for Fall

As the air is fresh and thick sweaters have entered our closets, there is nothing more suitable than a delicious cup of tea to boost the mood. There is a conspicuous link between crisp weather and warm beverage that makes tea beneficial for us. Moreover, we like to adore the perfectly timed seasonally flavored tins that appear on shelves at this time of year.

The options range from variations on our favorite sweets to spices and herbs that catch the fall into a cup of tea. In other words, we are here for sipping on these limited-edition bags tasting much like a hot cup of liquid autumn. We have come up with the best teas for fall including pumpkin spice, turmeric, ginger, green apple, and black tea. Well, the pumpkin spice might get a generous portion of greatness during the hot-beverage season.

Regardless of the favorite fall activity or custom you have; a hot cup of tea makes it more enjoyable. As the fall season is renowned for its sumptuous scent and warm aromatic spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves, the fall teas are no different. In order to keep you warm throughout the season, we have gathered the best teas for the fall season.

Teas Best for Fall

Some of the flavors like pumpkin, caramel, chocolate, and gingerbread are designed to make the fall flavorful and enjoyable. In addition, some of the teas are packed with antioxidants which help boost immunity for the winter ahead. These teas also boost vitamin D levels aiding with fall sadness.

Black Tea

Black tea prepared from fermented leaves with high caffeine levels is an ideal go-to option for the morning. A high-quality black tea with a delicately sweet aroma and earthy, malty, smoky, and fruity flavor is a great pick for the autumn months. It can be consumed with sugar, milk, or honey according to taste. Black tea is a great option when the weather starts to feel a little chilly.

Lemon Drop Black Tea

You can prepare a delightful beverage with a squeeze of lemon and a spoon full of honey to preferred black tea. Lemon Drop Black Tea has bright citrus notes and is a perfect up for the sleepy morning and cold afternoon.

Mango Black Tea

Black tea and delicious, luscious mango together are a perfect combination to make a soothing afternoon tea. This amazing tea with mango flavor notes yields amber colored brew which is highly appealing.

Earl Grey Tea

Earl grey is the bright citrus-flavored tea resulting from a combination of natural bergamot oil and organic black tea. The robustness of black tea with refreshing citrus notes of bergamot echoes the welcoming feel to all. This wonderful tea can be brewed and enjoyed either hot or cold.

English Breakfast Tea

English breakfast tea is aromatic tea with a robust flavor and is a great choice to add in the fall season.

It is recommended to select full-bodied, rich black tea like Assam tea for warm and mouthfeel throughout the fall season instead of delicate teas like Darjeeling tea which is perfect for spring and summer.

Black tea is highly oxidized than other varieties of the same plant Camellia sinensis and hence contains a stronger flavor profile.

Harvest Fruit Tea

Harvest fruit tea is a highly delicious tea with a vibrant blend of the sweetest fruits like apricot, apple, orange peel, rosehip, and hibiscus. It comes with a vibrant flavor and uplifting aroma making it more appealing. This caffeine-free blend can be enjoyed either chilled or hot as a perfect cup of tea.

Green Apple Organic Tea

Green apple organic tea is made by the combination of green tea and apple and makes a perfect healthy treat for autumn. The tea possesses the earthy sweetness of green tea and the flavor of mellow apples. When brewed hot, it makes a perfect cup of beverage in the cold evening and iced tea is a healthy choice to refresh and rejuvenate you.

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon teas with spicy sweet flavors are a wonderful way to warm you on a cold fall day. Moreover, cinnamon can balance the flavors in spiced tea blends and add sweetness and spicy notes to beverages.

In addition to its appealing flavor, cinnamon tea offers a perk of benefits to the body like relieving inflammation, easing pain, alleviating sore throats, and enhancing cognitive abilities.

Ginger Tea

Tea blends with ginger add spicy notes to tea and make it a perfect cup of beverage for chilly fall days. Ginger gives a somewhat sweet and mildly spicy flavor to teas. Moreover, teas with ginger help relieve nausea, common cold, and indigestion.

Add Zest of Turmeric

Turmeric is the best spice to warm you up on cool fall days. Its powerful antibacterial, antioxidant and antiviral properties boost immunity for upcoming winters and boost mood. Turmeric blended with other teas adds a rich and spicy taste with earthy notes. This amazing beverage with chamomile and rosehip blended with turmeric makes it a wonderful fall drink best for autumn.

Pumpkin Spice

You may picture fall without apples but it's impossible to imagine autumn without pumpkin spice. Pumpkins are the best fruits for fall that can make a delicious drink for autumn. Even on the gloomiest autumnal days, a cup of black tea or rooibos tea flavored with pumpkin gives a zesty spice note which can make your day.

Sweet Caramel Tea

Another flavored tea that is a must-try option for autumn days is caramel tea. Whether these blends are in a latte or in form of a hot cup of tea, the caramel blend with a sweet taste and creamy texture make it a delicious mixture for fall.

Why Enjoy Teas in the Fall?

Fall is the season to indulge in your favorite foods, sweet tastes, and delicious beverages. Just like other food choices, ice cream is replaced with warm foods like doughnuts, caramel apples, and seasonal waffles in the winter months. Similarly, cool, and iced beverages are replaced with warm hot cups of tea.

Combining your tea with different flavors and spices adds vibrant flavor and sweet spicy notes to your tea. In addition to warming, you up, the potent antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory activities of these spices offer a broad spectrum of benefits to the body. They help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, soothe a sore throat, improve brain functions, and boost immunity.

Bottom line

Autumn is the season with yellow leaves and chilly days that need something wonderful and delicious to combat autumn blues. Tea blended with different spices and herbs takes sweet spicy notes, vibrant flavor and aroma are the ideal choices to warm you up and boost your mood.

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